Peak Season Incentive

Win Great Prizes

Peak Season Incentive Program

The Staff Management | SMX and SIMOS Peak Incentive Program is back just in time for the holidays! Every week, associates will be able to earn raffle entries for a weekly drawing to win some really great prizes. Raffle entries can be earned for perfect attendance, submitting referrals, and using the Stafftrack mobile app. Each week is a new chance to qualify and win!


  • Week 1 (September 27th): $500 gift card to Walmart OR Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Week 2 (October 4th): $500 gift card to Bath & Body Works OR Cabela’s
  • Week 3 (October 11th): $500 gift card to Nike OR Zulily
  • Week 4 (October 18th): $500 gift card to Bass Pro Shops OR Williams-Sonoma
  • Week 5 (October 25th): $500 gift card to Lowe’s OR ON Running
  • Week 6 (November 1st): $500 gift card to United Airlines Travel OR Urban Outfitters
  • Week 7 (November 8th): $500 gift card to Abercrombie & Fitch OR Walmart
  • Week 8 (November 15th): $500 gift card to Cabela’s OR Bath & Body Works
  • Week 9 (November 22nd): $500 gift card to Zulily OR Nike
  • Week 10 (November 29th): $500 gift card to Williams-Sonoma OR Bass Pro Shops
  • Week 11 (December 6th): $500 gift card to ON Running OR Lowe’s
  • Week 12 (December 13th): $500 gift card to Urban Outfitters OR United Airlines Travel


GRAND PRIZE: $1000 Gift Card to one of the following: Bath & Body Works, Walmart, Lowe’s, Nike, Williams-Sonoma, Bass Pro, A&F, United Airlines, Zulilly, Urban Outfitters, Cabela’s, ON Running

The program begins on September 27th and end December 20th.
Check back here each week to see who won.

Week 1

Winner: Danny Anson

Prize: $500 Walmart Gift Card

Week 2

Winner: Larry Adams

Prize: $500 Bath & Body Works Card

Week 3

Winner: Edgar Talamantes-Arangure

Prize: $500 Nike Gift Card

Week 4

Winner: Lakshdeep Kalia

Prize: $500 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card

Week 5

Winner: Ted Perkins

Prize: $500 ON Running Gift Card

Week 6

Winner: Kevin Richardson

Prize: $500 Urban Outfitters Gift Card

Week 7

Winner: Donnie Tomlin

Prize: $500 Walmart Gift Card

Week 8

Winner: Keisha Rosario

Prize: $500 Bath and Body Works Gift Card

Week 9

Winner: Shonna Young

Prize: $500 Nike Gift Card

Week 10

Winner: Jeidi Aguilar De Alvarado

Prize: $500 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card

Week 11

Winner: Awilda Fontanez Davila

Prize: $500 Lowe's Gift Card

Week 12

Winner: Kevin Norwood

Prize: $500 United Airlines Travel Voucher

Grand Prize

Winner: Kevin Norwood

Prize: $1,000 Walmart Gift Card